Agile IR



Agile IR is led by a highly experienced team of investor relations, Agile, and digital marketing professionals. It is this unique combination of experience that makes us the #1 digital investor relations firm.



We are an digital agency specifically for publicly traded companies. Our team has a unique combination of experience in digital marketing, traditional investor relations and the Agile methodology.



Agile is the core principle that drives our methodology. Through iteration, collaboration and analytics, our digital investor relations platform adapt quickly to the dynamic world of IR, to better serve our clients. 


Our Values

We adhere to a strict code of values, that protects our clients, their reputation and, most importantly, their stakeholders.


Digital Media

Digital media is a unique blend of technology and content that can include social media, investor presentations, websites, mobile sites, animations, audio & visual, and much, much more.



The landscape of Investor Communications has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. With digital and social media rapidly evolving the industry and traditional investor relations forming the foundation, we help public companies adapt to this dynamic environment, for today and tomorrow. 


Our Leadership

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Our Company


Agile IR is a digital agency for publicly traded companies, the next generation of Investor Relations. We specialize in digital investor relations and implementing the unique principles of the Agile methodology to better serve our clients. 

Our firm evolved from a combination of technology, digital marketing, and traditional investor relations. We developed our brand to address the growing needs of our clients and the rapidly changing landscape of the Investor Relations profession.

Through creativity, iteration, analysis, and collaboration, we work with our clients to establish a cohesion digital investor relations strategy.

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Our Values

We adhere to the principles of the Agile methodology and employ it as a core belief within our organization. This allows us to focus on customer satisfaction, and provide a results-oriented environment that is in a continuous state of improvement. We are able to quantify improvements through ongoing collaboration, and testing and reinforcement through analytics. 

The 4 pillars of Agile Investor Relations. 

  1. Ongoing Customer Focus
  2. Collaboration & Communication
  3. Intentional Processes & Continuous Improvement
  4. Results Oriented

Our Vision

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