First Growth Funds Ltd.


FGFL is an investment and advisory company.

In 2019, First Growth Funds turned a $940 investment into $1.42M in 12 months. This is how they did it in 3 steps:
  1. FGFL acquired 100% of LINCD for only $940, an unlisted and distressed technology company;
  2. Later that same year, FGFL sold LINCD to Harris Technologies Ltd., an ASX listed company, for $900,000, paid for in shares of Harris Technologies; and
  3. In early 2020, FGFL sold their shares in Harris Technologies, that resulted in a realized cash profit of $1.42 million.

From $940 to $1.42 Million, that is an investment return of over 1000%


FGFL invests in opportunities that are not readily available to the general public. You can now own a piece of FGFL as it has started trading on Canadian Securities Exchange under ticker code: FGFL.

It reported strong financial results (it is profitable!) in FY2020, has a large cash holding and an exciting portfolio of investments. They have current market cap of only $7M and the Company has just started marketing itself to new shareholders. 

FGFL 3 Month Stock Chart for web

These are the type of special opportunities that First Growth Funds Ltd. and their management team target. While the LINCD investment showcases an impressive return, FGFL has recently announced numerous transactions that solidify their successful track record.

And this a critical reason that you need to put FGFL on your watchlist!

Recent Tranasctions

Here are some of the recent exit transactions (with returns) that have been recorded by First Growth Funds Ltd.

47% Return

73% Return

82% Return

26% Return

Investing Approach

Mr. Anoosh Manzoori, discusses First Growth Funds Ltd. and its investment approach with Phillip Schum,  how investors in FGFL can participate in special opportunities that are not typically available to most retail investors. 

Briefing Notes

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